December 20, 2015

Taking Stock

Before Christmas, Headingley Neighbourhood Plan completed its latest round of consultation. A draft Plan, with our ‘policy intentions’, was approved for circulation by the Neighbourhood Forum in October, and the consultation was widely advertised – through our website, through local mailing lists and through North Leeds Life, as well as Yorkshire Evening Post.

We invited responses from local residents, through Ash Road Area RA, Beckett’s Park RA, the Cardigan Triangle, Headingley Network, North Hyde Park NA and The Turnways. We also contacted the universities, their students, and local landlords and estate agents. We held eleven different meetings, and received dozens of written responses, several quite detailed.

Our first task now is to collate all this feedback, to see which of our intentions are supported, which are criticised and which have received additional suggestions. We then have to consider how to respond – especially where they contradict each other!

Fortunately, we’re getting help with our next draft. The government has contracted a planning consultancy called AECOM to help people preparing Neighbourhood Plans. They are already involved with others in Leeds. We’ve sent them all the material we’ve produced to date. They will review and evaluate all this, and then provide us with recommendations. We expect to receive their report in February, and then we will be able to go ahead with our next draft.

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