October 7, 2015

Sixth on 6th

On 6 October, the sixth meeting of Headingley Neighbourhood Forum was held at Headingley Parish Hall. It was preceded by a well-attended open public meeting on ‘Changing Headingley’ (part of Headingley Festival of Ideas). Some fifty residents discussed a wide range of issues arising from the draft Plan, led by Will Sparling, our Research & Development consultant.

The Forum itself agreed that this Draft 1 of the Plan [available here] will be the subject of consultation during the autumn, in order to prepare Draft 2. This will then be published for Pre-Submission Consultation in spring, with a view to formal Submission of the Plan (Draft 3) to the Council about Easter. Any interested groups in Headingley Neighbourhood Area are warmly invited to contact the Secretary, who can arrange a dedicated meeting (with refreshments!) to discuss the Plan.

The Forum also received a Briefing on the new Community Infrastructure Levy, effectively a tax on new developments. The majority goes to the Council centrally, but a proportion (67% more in areas with a Neighbourhood Plan!) accrues locally in a Neighbourhood Fund. The Steering Group has made recommendations on how this should be spent.