February 29, 2016

Reviewing the Situation

We have now received AECOM’s review of the first draft of Headingley Neighbourhood Plan, our ‘Policy Intentions’. AECOM notes that the Plan’s objectives are “to promote a mixed population, to make Headingley family-friendly, and to diversify housing provision … to achieve these through evidenced housing policies … [since] providing for ‘a sustainable, inclusive and mixed community in Headingley’ largely depends on the housing needs of all quantifiable demographic groups.”

The current Plan consists of nine housing policies. One policy on general development “is effectively redundant”, and two others, on affordable housing and on purpose built student accommodation, “largely reiterate Leeds Core Strategy policy”, so AECOM recommends that these are deleted.

They also recommend that policies on HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) and on small (sub-standard) flats are valid, but should be incorporated into the general policy on short-term accommodation. But this policy, and others on housing density, on housing mix and on independent living (especially for the elderly) are endorsed by AECOM, with recommendations for improving the wording of all.

AECOM notes that the consultation “was extensive and widely inclusive in its approach to engaging with all stakeholders in the plan area.” In addition, the Headingley Housing Needs Assessment, which provides key evidence, “is solidly researched and presented. It provides a sound and clear evidence base for the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan.”

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