June 28, 2017

Carry on Planning

The new Steering Group held a meeting on 20 June 2017 to discuss the next steps for the Headingley Neighbourhood Plan. We welcomed 4 new members and the return of 1 former member. The meeting was also attended by Abbie Miladinovic, Neighbourhood Planning Consultant, LCC.

The Agenda was demanding but it laid out all the steps needed to complete the next iteration of the Plan. Consequently, some items were deferred such as editing the existing text/evidence being carried forward into Draft 3 of the Plan. Instead, we focussed on the new roles and responsibilities of the Group, the new Action Points required to begin writing Draft 3 and a new Project Planner to help us manage the delivery of the new Plan.

The next Steering Group meeting is on the 18th July.

Stephen Hunt

Deputy Chair


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