April 25, 2017

A New Departure

Since 2014, Headingley Neighbourhood Forum and Steering Group have been doing a very good job to consult on and develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Headingley. Many residents will have been involved in this as consultees and as participants.

But as often happens in a long process such as Neighbourhood Planning, the long journey has its ups and downs and (as is not unusual) there are fewer people involved towards the end.  Critically, Dr Richard Tyler, who has driven the Plan from the outset – and successfully discharged the office of Secretary for the last three years – has now resigned.

So an informal meeting (outside the formal structure of the HNP) was held on 24 April 2017, to discuss the progress made so far, to review the obstacles that face the Plan right now and to consider the future direction of the Plan.  It was convened and chaired by Helen Gee, Chair of ARARA (who convened the meeting which began our neighbourhood planning process, back in 2014).  The meeting considered issues of principle and of practice, in developing the Plan, both of which present problems.

This informal meeting was followed immediately by the seventh formal meeting of Headingley Neighbourhood Forum – whose simple purpose was to confirm the future of the Plan.  In fact, the Forum was clearly in favour of continuing the Plan, and has agreed to meet again, to consider its new direction, after the forthcoming General Election.

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