Neighbourhood Forum

OakHeadingley Neighbourhood Forum was proposed by local residents on 1 April 2014 and was designated by Leeds City Council on 22 October 2014.

The Headingley Neighbourhood Forum provides a space where the residents, businesses and organisations which operate in the area and local councillors can, together, work to build a confident sustainable community, which will improve the wellbeing and quality of life for everyone who lives and works in Headingley.  It will develop trust and understanding between people and groups in the area which are often perceived as having conflicting interests and enable them, as a community, to shape their own destiny, creating a sustainable, mixed and inclusive community[1]

Our ambition is that people, groups, businesses and others with an interest in our area, will all work together in strong and cohesive way, to:

  • Increase the proportion of long term residents to produce an inclusive, diverse, mixed, sustainable community
  • Be a strong local voice which can effectively represent us and shape the future of our area
  • Recognise the contribution of local businesses and organisations and enable them to have a voice in shaping and developing the area
  • Ensure that there is a good mix of accommodation types available for people locally, including homes for families with children and older local residents
  • Improve the infrastructure of the area, such as, encouraging more school places and increasing the use of public transport.
  • Increase the diversity of shops and business premises in Headingley Centre, encouraging small, independent businesses and reducing the number of empty shops
  • Make our streets safer and more pleasant by reducing air pollution and traffic.
  • Retain, improve and extend our green space for all members of the community, whilst maintaining and enhancing biodiversity
  • Promote the advantages of the area to residents, potential residents and visitors.

We will achieve this by drawing on and drawing together the strength of all the residents, and local and major businesses and organisations in the area. We have worked closely with Headingley Local Councillors on this Plan and it has already prompted us to discuss opportunities for new partnership working with the Universities, the Stadium and local businesses.

The Forum will produce a Plan which is in general conformity with the Core Strategy and the Site Allocation DPD (the Local Plan). Once adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will itself become part of the Local Plan. Its structure will follow the pattern of the Core Strategy: it will initially focus on the Headingley Centre and, subsequently, will develop policies on Housing, Retail, Design and Conservation, Transport, and Greenspace. We will use S106, CIL and other funding to implement projects in these areas.

Membership of the Neighbourhood Forum is open to anyone living, working or doing business in Headingley Neighbourhood Area. It will be an inclusive group with a commitment to consult and to engage everyone who lives and works in the area, in all our decisions.

Membership will be open in accordance with our Constitution, and will include

  • Local residents
  • Members of the residents’ groups in the area
  • People from local businesses
  • Representatives from local organisations, including faith groups, tenants’ organisations and health professionals
  • Representatives of the major businesses operating in and near to the area, including the Stadium and local developers.
  • Representatives of students living in the area
  • Local councillors from the Wards covered by the plan

The membership will, at all times represent the character and diversity of the Neighbourhood Area and meet legal requirements.

The Neighbourhood Forum is structured in order to optimise the involvement and commitment of people with a genuine interest in protecting and improving our Area.  A Steering Group was set up following discussions which involved all the residents and community associations within the Area. They have participated in delineating the Plan Area and establishing the Neighbourhood Forum.

The unusually large number of small local community associations operating in the Area is a real strength. Although they differ in size, purpose and level of activity, these associations enable us to access a significant number of residents directly, through their newsletters and meetings and more importantly in people’s everyday conversations. Their ideas and views have already modified the proposed Plan Area to extend outside the traditional ward boundaries to be a more cohesive, geographical area and their involvement will significantly strengthen the subsequent Public Engagement Programme

The Headingley Neighbourhood Forum will, therefore, be a ‘Relevant Body’ for the purposes of section 61G(2)(b) of the Act since, in accordance with the Act, it is ‘capable of being designated as a neighbourhood forum (on the assumption that, for this purpose, the specified area is designated as a Neighbourhood Area)’.


[1] National Planning Policy Framework (2012). Para 50