Designated by Leeds City Council, 22 October 2014

Name of the Forum

1  The name of the Forum shall be the Headingley Neighbourhood Forum (“the Forum”).

2  The area covered by the Forum shall be the area shown on the attached map, known as the Headingley Neighbourhood Area (“the Area”).

Purpose of the Forum

3  The aim of the Forum shall be to promote and improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Area.


4  The objectives of the Neighbourhood Forum shall be:

4.1 To agree a vision for the Area;

4.2 To prepare development policies to achieve this vision, which conform with local and national planning policies;

4.3 To prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the Area which embodies these policies.


Powers of the Forum

5  The Forum shall have the power to carry out anything within the law necessary to achieve its purpose.


Values of the Forum

6  The Forum shall conduct its affairs ethically.

6.1 The Forum shall observe the ‘Nolan Principles’, the seven principles of public life, namely Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

6.2 The Forum shall pursue equality of opportunity in terms of its membership, its conduct and its proposed Plan.


Membership of the Forum

7  Membership of the Forum is open to individuals who live in the Area, individuals who work there, and individuals who are elected members of the Council, whose ward falls within the Neighbourhood Area.

7.1 The Forum shall comprise at least twenty-one (21) members.

7.2 The majority of the members of the Forum shall be residents of the Area, including one from each local community association [see Note] within the Area.


8  The initial members of the Forum shall be those identified in the Application for designation.

8.1 Applications by individuals for membership shall be made in writing to the Secretary, and they shall be decided by the Forum; individual applicants should normally intend to be able to commit to membership of the Forum for the whole of its duration.

8.2 When members wish to resign, the Forum shall invite them to do so in advance in writing; members who fail to attend the Forum regularly shall be deemed to have resigned.


Structure of the Forum

9  The Forum may appoint a Steering Group, to act on behalf of the Forum in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

9.1 The Steering Group shall comprise up to fifteen (15) members of the Forum, who shall include the officers of the Forum, and the majority of whom shall be residents of the Area.

9.2 The Steering Group may co-opt up to three (3) additional members.


10  The Forum shall establish such subordinate groups as it deems necessary in order to achieve its aims and objectives.


11  All  groups established by the Forum shall abide by the same aims and objectives, values and conduct as the Forum itself.


Operation of the Forum

12  The Forum shall enter into an Agreement with Leeds City Council for the delivery of the Neighbourhood Plan, and shall observe the terms of that Agreement, including designation, preparation, pre-submission consultation, conformity, publicity, review, examination and referendum of the Plan,


13  The Forum shall prepare the Neighbourhood Plan, on behalf of and in extensive consultation with the local community, in accordance with a Project Plan agreed by the Forum.


14  The Forum shall institute a Public Engagement Programme, in order to l disseminate information about the development of the Plan, l enable all residents and others with an interest in the Neighbourhood to contribute to the development of the Plan, and l inform the development of the Plan.


Conduct of the Forum

15  The Forum shall conduct its affairs in accordance with its Agreement with Leeds City Council, and shall work with the Council during the preparation of the Plan to enable the Council to carry out its “duty to support” and to help ensure a successful examination.


16  The Forum shall adopt Standing Orders for the conduct of the Forum.


17  The Forum shall elect a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer from within its membership for the duration of the Forum.  Any of these officers may be replaced by a majority vote of the Forum.


18  The Chair shall chair meetings of the Forum, which shall be held according to a programme agreed by the Forum.


19  The Secretary shall keep a record of meetings of the Forum in the form of Minutes, which shall record reports received, resolutions made and actions agreed.


20  Meetings of the Forum shall be quorate if a majority of members, or fifty members, whichever is least, are present, provided that the majority of these are residents.


21  Where possible, the Forum shall make decisions by consensus; where this is not possible, decisions shall be made by a simple majority vote; in the event of a tied vote, the proposal shall fail.


22  At each meeting of the Forum, members shall declare in advance any interests they have which may give rise to a conflict of interest with the work of the Forum.


23  Forum communications shall be conducted by email.


24  Complaints about the conduct of a member of the Forum shall be made in confidence in writing to the Chair; such complaints shall be investigated by the officers of the Forum, who shall decide on action as appropriate.

24.1 If the complaint concerns an officer, or if a complaint is unresolved, then mediation may be sought from the Council if required.


Finances of the Forum

25  Any monies acquired by the Forum shall be used only to help achieve the aims and objectives of the Forum.

25.1 The Treasurer shall set up a bank account in the name of the Forum and shall keep a proper account of the finances of the Forum.

25.2 All transactions in any format shall be authorised by the Treasurer and one other officer of the Forum.


Constitution of the Forum

26  Any proposed amendments to the constitution of the Forum shall require the support of a majority of the Forum.


Duration of the Forum

27  The duration of the Forum shall be five years from the date of designation.

27.1 The Forum may be dissolved by mutual consent at an earlier date, upon adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan.

27.2 The duration of the Forum may be extended, either to complete the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan, or if agreed by its members, in order to deliver the Neighbourhood Plan, with other relevant organisations as appropriate, or to deliver other aspects of Localism.

27.3 Upon dissolution of the Forum, any assets held in the name of the Forum (after payment of all debts and liabilities) shall be disposed of to other organisations having similar objectives to those of the Forum, as agreed by a majority of remaining members.



Local community association is here defined as follows:

– local: its purpose is the benefit of a geographical locality (rather than, say, a social section or a vocational interest);

– community: membership is open to all members of the community within the locality;

– association: members are associated by means of a written constitution.